Rap-verslag groep 118 Oeganda

Libre Leadership & Communications Training
Kampala, Uganda
17-21 July 2017

Joris Nuijten


Please allow me to do a brief recap
Of this week’s training, but then in a rap
This course about leadership and communication
Was brought to you by the Libre Foundation
From Monday morning early until Friday late
We had a full house and the weather was great

With lots of preparation time by Juma and Moses
Planning an event can be thorny like roses
But with support from Sophie it all went OK
And also thanks to Alex we can be here today

Every day we selected a captain of the class
With a secretary for administation tasks

And to make sure that we all felt ok
There was delicious breakfast and lunch every day

We covered many topics during the week
For you to become a leadership geek
Looking at people in each different domain
Family, donor, colleagues and many others remain
With situational leadership we learn how to act
When to coach, delegate, and when to direct
How to give feedback was a different station
Linked to effective communication
Active listening and time management
What is important and what is urgent?
Are we thinking in problems yes or no?
With TIP or TIO?
Then there is the H and the five W’s
Together with SMART they can be really of use!
Managing conflict situations
‘Win/win’,’lose/lose’ or other some mutations
Your personal values make you who you are
And if you can do some good coaching, then you’re really a star!

But it was not only serious this week
There was also space for some tongue in cheek
In fact there was some good laughter even before we begun
Yes not only serious, we also had fun
Moving chairs to the window and also to the door
Or should they be in a circle? I dont know anymore
Working together, using team power
Only one team could build a ‘Marshmellow tower’
And one day when lunch was slightly delayed
For ‘Woosh Boing Pow’ it’s never too late

So here we are at the end of these 5 days
You’ve done a great job in so many ways
Sincere congratulations to all of you
It’s been a long week but you all made it through
Hopefully your learnings will be sustained
So others can benefit from the wisdom you gained
For now I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart
It’s been an honour being with you, right from the start
The pearl of Africa is Uganda, that may be true
But the real pearls of Uganda – well that is each of you!




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