“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi-
About Libre Foundation

About Libre Foundation

In 2000 Libre Foundation founder Erik Bos lived and worked in South Africa for six months. There he saw the poverty and the slums. Since then he has committed himself to the plight of the less fortunate. Around that same time he realized that his professional passion lies with training and coaching. He has mastered the training profession in the commercial sector. Alongside his job het has worked as a volunteer for a number of years. He then had the idea to combine the best of these two worlds. It can be both, it is and-and: training and coaching professionally and working on making the world better. This was the start of Libre Foundation, in 2008.

And it is working: Libre Foundation has grown into a foundation that operates independently. Since then leaders of local civil society organisations in developing countries also have access to professional training programs. And in the Netherlands large organisations want to work with us. Inspirational trainers and coaches – some of them with national notoriety – and are prepared to associate themselves and make an effort to make Libre Foundation possible. Our participants in developing countries inform us on the personal development they went through and the effects this has had on their target group. In 2012 recognition came from the “development cooperation” sector when Oxfam Novib presented Erik with the first Simon Jelsma Award.

From a desire through an idea towards a solid organisation. A social enterprise with a sound business model. Thanks to everyone who makes Libre Foundation possible.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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