“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi-

Libre Foundation International

We believe in a world in which self-development is normal and in which everyone can pursue his dreams. That’s what we aim for. We begin with the most courageous; the leaders of CBO’s in developing countries. In an environment with a lot of challenges they work to better lives in their village and towards more fairness. Our support? We deliver what we’re good at: training leadership and communication (skills). We don’t depend on subsidies or donations; we earn the budget ourselves. Thanks to the profit we make in the Netherlands we can offer the trainings free of charge. This gives local leaders of small organisations (that would otherwise never have been trained) access to good training(s).

Our approach

Each training project in Africa, Asia or South-America is organised by a local coordinator. Together with our experienced project coordinators Inge, Rinske and Angela he/she makes a list of potential participants. These can be leaders of local organisations working with street children, education, poverty alleviation or human rights. Or their organisation provides education on nutrition, reproductive rights or agriculture. As long as they are local and work to reinforce their community.

Five-day leadership training

The leaders of these organisations are often experts in their field, but that doesn’t mean they are brilliant as leaders. During the five-day training they learn new skills to better function in their role. They practice all kinds of situations they encounter with their personnel, target group, local authorities and donors. The participants share their learning goals and situations. Our trainers lead the learning process and help them with useful models and exercises.


After a year or so we invite the participants for a two-day follow-up training. Together we look back and assess what the results have been. Often we see that they lead their organisations with more ease and self-confidence. We also work on deepening their skills and insights to even better address actual challenges.

Our trainers

Twenty-five trainers from The Netherlands are available to provide a leadership training abroad. They all have plenty of experience living and/or working in other countries and are leadership experts. These experienced trainers are passionate about giving their time and skills (freely) for a better world.

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Inge Hartogsveld

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