“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi-


Two characteristics are typical for sales persons: a large confidence in their own ability, even when this is not well substantiated with results, and the will to learn additional skills. Always a challenging starting point for a trainer.

Often intake interviews are used to find out which skills can be reinforced and what the requirements are to do so. Our broad experience with this target group makes it clear that such a thorough analysis of the training needs is crucial. This information determines the contents of the training. And this eventually leads to more revenue, margin and satisfaction.


  • A sales team that has all basic skills and therefore can avoid pitfalls and blunders
  • A traveling sales force that identifies and solves customers’ issues generating more margin opportunities
  • An office sales force that answers the phone with ease and flair to make appointments for the traveling sales force
  • An office sales force that recognizes buying signals better
  • More deals

A selection of what we offer

  • Sales skills (basic)
  • Sales academy (extended)
  • Solution selling
  • Commercial telephone skills
  • Negotiating

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