“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi-

Communication skills

We can all communicate, but communicating professionally is a different story. Sometimes, a business-like conversation is held without having set a goal in advance. After the conversation dissatisfaction is the dominating feeling. About the way the message was delivered, but also about the quality of the agreements made. Communication skills fortunately can be enhanced. On the one side through better preparation and on the other side using communication techniques. These basic skills are a requirement for every communicating professional.

In addition there are standard conversations in certain positions that recur regularly. These often only become successful and useful when the structure, pointers and pitfalls are known.


  • Co-workers are better equipped to deliver a message
  • A keen eye is kept on assumptions, interpretations and quality of agreements
  • More satisfaction after conversations through reduction of mistakes, misunderstandings and assumptions
  • Improved skills in giving and receiving feedback

A selection of what we offer

  • Professional communication
  • Bad news conversations
  • Evaluation and performance reviews
  • Meetings: halve the time, double the results

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