“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi-

Influencing and advising

You see it happen before your very eyes: the colleague with the best idea can’t get it across. This may be because he or she does not take politics, sensitivity or loss of face into account. And sometimes because he or she is too pushy. The opposite can also happen: your colleague is brushed off too easily. This is unnecessary because using your influence to encourage different behaviour – even when you do not have formal authority – is a basic skill that is easy to learn.


  • Professionals accomplishing increasing support for their good ideas
  • Pushy persons gaining the insight that the longer route is often the more effective one
  • The more introverted colleagues being offered tools to help them being heard
  • Co-workers keeping it together when influencing techniques are thrown at them at projects or other instances

A selection of what we offer

  • Effective influencing
  • Advising skills: counselling, not nagging
  • Assertiveness in advisory roles

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