“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi-

Personal effectiveness

How do I write a policy document? How do I catch up with tons of work? How do I handle dominant colleagues? How do I handle my nerves during a presentation? Questions many co-workers struggle with. Fortunately there is an answer. A short training in the specific matter in which there is ample room to practice. Most participants make great leaps because of the acquired insights, the provided tools and their first practical experience. Difficult aspects are dealt with convincingly from now on.


  • Co-workers thrive because they recognize their own body signals
  • A better return and less stress, because co-workers are more time conscious
  • Less stress, because co-workers are convinced of their qualities
  • Less procrastination and dodging, because co-workers take the bull by the horns more often

A selection of what we offer

  • Time management
  • Writing in a business-like manner
  • Presenting successfully
  • Assertiveness

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