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Incompany, customization or coaching

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The education need is formulated. Clear is which skills need to be further developed. You also know which competencies could be improved and which employees will participate. Is an incompany training, a customized course or coaching the best choice? We gladly help you determine this.


A group of employees with the same educational need.

Education pays off. In a short time competencies and skills of people can be improved substantially. During a training or through peers employees do not learn to practically use the Thomas-Kilman instrument or the Eisenhouwer model. So you offer your employees an incompany training. Employees with similar needs can developed their skills in time-management, conversation skills or customer service. You tactically increase your peers’ skills through training which is thoroughly tuned into your organization.

Customized courses

An educational need for a department, management team or senior leadership.

Your organization has a plan and education is part of it. These plans are often strategic or tactical. A customized course focused on your needs and organization makes most sense. This requires a thorough preparation and pays off quickly. You are looking for a partner who thinks along with you and contributes to a detailed plan.

With a customized approach like this the training will use an appropriate title:

Consulting skills, Cooperation and managing conflict, Providing Feedback or Teambuilding. The content is fully focused on specific educational goals and context within your organization. Together we will look for “the question behind the question”. Because that determines the content of the training. Let’s meet each other, afterwards your specific goals will be even clearer.


A specific need for one of our employees

At times an employee enrolls with a so-called open registration. In a group setting with people from other organizations he or she participates in a training in a certain subject. We believe that there is a more effective way for the same investment. Personal Coaching with attention for the specific content of the educational need.


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